Saturday, July 24, 2010


This is Carlos and Thomas. I had a blowout on my front right tire this past week. They were not the only people who stopped to see if help was needed, but they were the ones who insisted even after I told them help was on the way. I was trying to start myself, apparently I wasn't appearing too capable. :) Thomas is Carlos' 11 yr/o son. He is on the other side of him; helping. They have recently moved to Austin from Detroit to find work. I definitely see this as a divine appointment to welcome them to our city. Kindness pays off, Thank you gentlemen.

Romancing Moments

These were given to me by a friend, Sara, to remind me that God is romancing my heart daily and to keep my focus on that love. As it is the most definate and pure form of Love that I could ever desire.


This was found on a table at a local coffee shop 'Mozarts' by my lovely friend, Sara. Voicing that we are loved and accepted no matter what; just the way we are.