Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Me Too!!

A few weekends ago, I attended a retreat and just got to soak up God's love for us. I felt He shared with me, things that I am supposed to share with others. ....

Watch this 1st:
What did this stir up?

For me:
shock (how is it so hard for me to believe this for myself)
I need to read 1 John
I want to know more of you God

A letter from God to me (and you):
All you need is me. You only need my approval. You do not need to prove ou are of value, worthy, or good. It angers me when you take that on. You are FULLY FREE to be the woman I've created & called you to be. The only thing that holds you bak is your fear of others. NO MATTER WHAT. NO MATTER WHAT, I will not reject you, abandon you; or leave you behind. You have FULL FREEDOM in me. Be confident in how I Lead you. Follow me and only me. I want to take you on wild adventures. I want to dance with you. I want to show you ALL of my power in this world. I know your heard. Only I know the deepest parts of you. You are safe to trust me. I am working this for MY glory. I am here. I love you, my daughter.

Now, watch this:

longings it stirs up:
to be..
through beautiful
delighted in

Listen for God's response to your heart:

"me too" Let's do it! I placed my longings in you for this reason. That is what I want you to show the world about me! stop being timid and leap out on this journey that I already have you on. It is your choice to allow it to be that.

WELL! that was an awakening for me. I don't know about you, but it makes me want to MOVE IT!

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